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Vignette for driving in Bulgaria in 2014

A vignette is required for driving on Bulgarian state roads. These are practically all main roads in Bulgaria and there is no option to avoid buying a vignette for driving in Bulgaria.
Unlike other countries that have the vignette system like Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Switzerland and others the Bulgarian vignette cannot be obtained outside Bulgaria.
If you are arriving in Bulgaria with car you should buy a vignette for your car at (after) the border checkpoint. If you drive in Bulgaria without a vignette you risk a fine (about (EUR 60)

Following types of vignettes are available in Bulgaria

Types of vignettes and prices for 2015

Prices of road tax vignettes for cars with non-Bulgarian plates:

1 Week 1 Month Annual
EUR 5,00 EUR 13,00 EUR 34,00
Road Vignette Bulgaria - 1 Week Road Vignette Bulgaria - 1 Month Road Vignette Bulgaria - 1 Year (Annual)

The vignette prises in Bulgaria in year 2015 are the same as in 2014, 2013, 2012 and 2011, and haven’t been raised since 2011.


Where to buy a vignette in Bulgaria

Vignette in Bulgaria to be purchased at the border

Vignettes are are sold in Bulgaria at the border checkpoints and in most of the (chain-) petrol stations.
Look out for the following petrol stations:


How to buy a vignette in Bulgaria

When you buy a vignette it should be activated for the days you will need it. A vignette is being activated by a” punch system” and when you buy one you will be asked about the day it should be valid from. The weekly vignette is valid for seven calendar days from the day it has been activated from. A monthly vignette is valid for 31 calender days – for example if you buy a montly vignette on 15 of July it will be valid till 15th of August. Things are different with the annual vignette. It is valid for the calender year only – this means that if you buy one annual vignette in October it will be valid untill end of December only (annual vignettes are valid now until 31. January, but this might change in the future).

The day on which the vignette sticker is purchased must not always be the day of the start of its validity. The vignette can be purchased in advance of the desire of the customer. The important thing is that the actual date of its start of validity will be punched.


Affixing the vignette sticker

A vignette sticker is only valid once it has been properly affixed to the vehicle. The mere purchase or possession of a toll sticker does NOT satisfy the requirements for proper payment of the toll. After removing the foil backing, the vignette sticker must be placed without damage directly onto the inside of the windscreen in a location (down right when facing the screen) which is clearly visible from outside the vehicle, where it can be inspected. Short-term toll stickers (1-week and 7-day stickers) must be punched prior to being affixed. Vignette stickers which are not punched or which are not affixed to the vehicle are invalid and one must expect penalties in the event of an inspection. The lower part of the vignette sticker (counterfoil with the serial number) must be retained as a proof of purchase.

New since 2012 – plate number not required any longer

Before affixing the vignette on the windscreen the plate number of the vehicle must be written on the vignette – in the field in the top right corner of the sticker. Only vignette stickers with correct plate number are valid. The sticker must be punched to mark the period of validity.


Roads in Bulgaria where a vignette is needed:

Roads in Bulgaria where a vignette is required are marked with this road sign:

Road Vignette Bulgaria - 1 Year (Annual)

Motorroad Number Road name
A-1 (Highway "Trakia") Sofia – Bourgas
A-2 (Highway "Hemus") Sofia – Varna
A-3 (Highway "Struma") Sofia – Kulata / Promachonas (Border with Greece)
A-4 (Highway "Maritza") Plovdiv – Svilengrad (Border with Turkey and Greece)
A-5 (Highway "Cherno More") Varna – Burgas (in progress, no motorway built so far)



Road number Road name
E-79 Romania (border) – Vidin – Sofia – Blagoevgrad – Greece (border)
Е-70 Romania (border) – Rouse – Shumen – Varna
E – 83 Pleven – Bortevgrad
E – 772 Razgrad – Shumen
E – 85 Rouse – Veliko Tarnovo – Stara Zagora – Haskovo – Greece (border)
Е – 871 and
Е – 773
Macedonia (border) – Kuistendil – Sofia – Karlovo – Kazanlak – Sliven – Bourgas
Romania (border) – Silistra – Shumen – Yambol – Elhovo – Lesovo – Turkey (border)
Е – 80 /
Е – 85
Yugoslavia (border) – Kalotina – Sofia – Ihtiman – Pazardjik – Plovdiv – Svilengrad – Kapitan Andreeevo – Turkey (border)
Е – 87 Romania (border) – Durankulak – Kavarna – Golden Sands – Varna – Sunny Beach – Bourgas – Malko Turnovo – Turkey (Border)


Official site of Bulgarian vignette stickers:
Bulgarian road infrastructure agency


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