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Where to go – places of interest in Bourgas area

If you are coming to Bulgaria for the first time and you are not familiar with the area we hope our short guide tour will be helpful. To explore the beauty of Bulgaria and the Bourgas area in specific you will definitely need a car.

Let’s start with nearest places of interest to visit:

Sunny Beach

Sunny BeachSunny Beach is about 25 km away from Bryastovets or 20 min drive by car. This is the largest and the most famous Bulgarian resort on the Black sea coast. During the socialism it used to be the only luxurious summer resort in the country that attracted clients with its excellent hotels, unique nature and long and clean beaches. In the period of democracy the resort has been totally built-up with hundreds of new hotels (4 and 5 stars mostly) and from a pleasant family friendly resort it became a huge (capacity around 200 000 tourist) and noisy resort. It is mostly preferred and visited by young people because it offers lots of entertainments- restaurants, bars, discos, gambling games, many beach entertainments and different water sports. It is not suitable for families looking for a peaceful holiday because life here never ends and it is always noisy and crowed with people.

Pictures from Beach

Sunny Beach Sea Sunny Beach Hotels Sunny Beach Bungee

However Sunny Beach is very popular and much visited by our guests because they have the advantage to combine the attractions the resort offers with the tranquility and peace of the village life. You should visit the two Waterparks (especially if you are with kids), there are two of them: one is in Sunny Beach and the other one is in Ravda just before Sunny Beach (both on the main road, on the right side of the road when driving to Sunny Beach).

Action Aquapark (Sunny Beach) ca. 29km away
Action Aquapark is the most amusing, inspiring and emotional location on the Bulgarian Black sea coast. The aqua park offers water attractions for each taste and age. Thirteen water attractions, several cocktail bars offering fresh drinks, and restaurants here you can try tempting culinary specialities. Action Aquapark Action Aquapark

Aqua Paradise (Nessebar) ca. 20km away
Aqua Paradise Nessebar Aqua Paradise Nessebar Aqua Paradise is the paradise of the water entertainments. The total length of the slides exceeds 650 m, and they are located among exotic castles, swimming pools, restaurants, open cocktail bars, verdure, which turn the park into one of the most exciting places for entertainment of both children and adults in Bulgaria.

It is great fun and it is worth visiting. After you have spent the day in Sunny Beach and you have had enough there is nothing more pleasant then coming back to Bryastovets. Believe or not but all our guests act as if they feel relief when they come back “home”, away from the crowd and noise.


NessebarNessebar is one of the oldest cities in Europe and has a unique colour and architecture. It is located on a small peninsula (the Old part) in the Black Sea wich is linked with the land only by a long and narrow isthmus. It has existed for more than 9,000 years. It emerged as a fortified Thracian settlement; afterwards it was a Greek polis, then a Roman colony. Has 2 parts – the Old Part and the New Part. Located very close to Sunny Beach, nowadays the town is almost connected to the resort.
Nessebur is our guests’ favorite destination because it is close to Bryastovets and it could be visited a couple of times. The old part of the town is stunning, with cobbled streets throughout, medieval churches and stone and wood houses, some of which are national cultural monuments. There are some small shops selling souvenirs and lots of restaurants offering traditional Bulgarian cuisine. The beach is very good and you could stay here during the whole day.

Pictures from Nessebar

Nessebar Street Souvenirs Nessebar (Nesebur) Boatsman Nessebar (Nesebur) Restaurant Nessebar (Nesebur) ship to Sunny Beach


Pomorie Pomorie is some 20 km. from Bryastovets. It is also of ancient roman origin, possibly founded in the 5th or 4th century BC. Pomorie a very pleasant place for a walk with long beaches and clear waters. You will find many small restaurants along the sea line on the Pomorie peninsula. The Pomorie Bay is preferred for yachting and sailing, the pier – from amateur fishermen. Together with the traditional means of livelihood of the local population (wine-growing, wine-producing, production of salt and fishing), the tourism and its accompanying activities define Pomorie as attractive balneological and sea resort.

City of Bourgas

City of BourgasBourgas (20 km away) it is the largest town on the Southern Black Coast with population of 300 000 people. It is a big shopping center, some of the most famous chains of supermarkets could be found here such as Metro, Carrefour, Piccadili and Kaufland. Prices will be cheap for you because they are the same for the Bulgarians. Spirits, a bottle of rakija, vodka or brandy is about 6-7 levs and a bottle of quality wine is the same price. There are many coffee bars and good restaurants in the central part of Bourgas where you can have lunch or dinner at very reasonable prices. Do not miss to visit the Seaside Garden that spreads along the coast. The beach in Bourgas is very good and there are plenty of small seaside restaurants selling fresh fish and chips and ice-cold beer. Many of our guests say they like Bourgas beach more than that in Sunny Beach.

Pictures from Bourgas (Burgas)

City of Bourgas (Burgas) City of Bourgas (Burgas) City of Bourgas (Burgas) City of Bourgas (Burgas)


Town of SozopolSouth of Bourgas, some 55 km. (50 min. by car) away from Bryastovets is the town of Sozopol. The sights of Sozopol are many, but none of them can be separated from the rest since all of them impact the visitors as an attractive ensemble. The old part of the town resembles to Nessebar because Sozopol was also founded by the Romans and it is one of the oldest Bulgarian coastal towns. The ancient atmosphere of the town is further fed by cobbled streets and high fences in front of which the old women sit and chat, knit laces and sell jams.For catering we reccomend the small coastal restaurants and private pubs both in the old and new part of the town.

Pictures from Sozopol

Town Of Sozopol Town Of Sozopol Town Of Sozopol Town Of Sozopol

Dyuni (beach)

Dyini BeachFurther south of Sozopol (60 km. from Bryastovets) is located “Dyuni” holiday village. We highly recommend this destination for a one day trip. The nature here is unique and the beaches are perfect and it is not as crowed with people as Sunny Beach. You can stop on the way back in Sozopol for a lunch

There are other places you could visit within 100-150 km. or 1-2 hours by car.
To the north is the town of Varna, further on the costal town of Balchik or if you prefer some historical places you may visit Kotel and Zheravna famous for being monuments of Bulgarian national Revival period architecture and culture.

Perhaps you now understand why we recommend 2-3 weeks stay because there are other places that deserve visiting but time is not enough. That is why some of our guests are coming back to us every summer and each time they discover that actually they miss Bulgaria.

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