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Some useful key phrases in Bulgarian

Short dictionary English – Bulgarian

Here you will find some useful key phrases in Bulgarian and the basics in the Bulgarian language and alphabet.

Bulgarian alphabet

А a as in man, bar, but
Б b as in bit, ball
В v as in vine, stove
Г g as in give, go
Д d as in dim, do
Е e as in egg, get
Ж zh as in measure
З z as in zeal, zoo
И i as in ill, bit
Й y as in yes
К k as in kiss, cool
Л l as in lip, all
М m as in miss, man
Н n as in no, none
О o as in odd, hot
П p as in spill, spoon
Р r as in rear
С s as in since, so
Т t as in still, stone
У u as in bush, pull, book
Ф f as in fill, full
Х h as in hand
Ц ts as in hats, bits
Ч ch as in church, thatch
Ш sh as in she, shoe
Щ sht as in pushed, washed
Ъ a as in but, touch, her
Ю yu as in you
Я ya as in yard


1 едно [edno]
2 две [dve]
3 три [tri]
4 четири >[t∫etiri]
5 пет [pet]
6 шест [∫est]
7 седем [sedem]
8 осем [osem]
9 девет [devet]
10 десет [deset]
100 сто [sto]
1000 хиляда [hiljada]


Key phrases in Bulgarian

Hello Здравей [zdravej]
Goodbuye Довиждане [doviʒdane ]
Please Моля [molja]
You’re welcome Няма защо [njama za∫to]
Thank you Благодаря [blagodarja]
Excuse me Извинете [izvinete]
Yes / No Да / Не [da] / [ne]
Cheers Наздраве [nazdrave]
I don’t understand Не разбирам [ne razbiram]
I don’t know Не знам [ne znam]
Do you speak English Говорите ли английски [govorite li anglijski]
How are you? Как си? [kak si]
Good morning! Добро утро! [dobro utro]
Good afternoon! Добър ден! [dobər den]
Good evening! Добър вечер! [dobər vet∫er]
Good night! Лека нощ! [leka no∫t]
Have you got…? Има те ли..? [imate li]
Where is…? Къде е …? [kəde e]
How much? (price) Колко струва? [kolko struva]
Good / Bad Добро / Лошо [dobro] / [lo∫o]
Expensive / Cheap Скъпо / Евтино [skəpo] / [evtino]
New /Old Ново / Старо [novo] / [staro/
Hot / Cold Топло / Студено [toplo] / [studeno]

Towns in Bourgas area

There are many options to write a Bulgarian name in English (in latin letters). You can see for example the village os “Bryastovets” written in various different ways accross the internet. The Bulgarian gourvernnments has started a national program several years ago to uniform the writing of bulgarian namens in English – the so called ‘Transliteration’. This site will help you to write a name correct in English.

Airport Летище [leti∫te]
Bourgas Бургас [burgas]
Bryastovets Брястовец [brjastovets]
Kableshkovo Каблешково [kable∫kovo]
Sunny Beach Слънчев Бряг [slənt∫ev brjag]
or Slanchev Brjag
Nessebar (or Nessebur) Несебър [nesebər]

In the bar

One beer Една бира [edna bira]
Two beers Две бири [dve biri]
One coffe Едно кафе [edno kafe]
Two coffes Две кафета [dve kafeta]
The bill please Сметката моля [smetkata molja]

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