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Archeological places near Bourgas

The Bourgas region has been a crossroad of ancient civilizations since the VII – V century BC.
Evidences for that can be seen in each museum in the area: items from the prehistoric times (IV-V century BC), artifacts from Thracian times, from the Hellenic colonization of the Black sea and from the Roman Empire.
Many archeological and historical remains from the different civilizations which have lived here over the years can be seen in the old towns of Nessebar, Sozopol and Pomorie, as well as in Strandza Mountain. Read more about: Archeological places near Bourgas

Leisure Holidays

In Bryastovets there is something for everyone to find and our guests are having a great time in our villas. You could be sure this is the ideal place for relaxing because the complexes are closed for any non-staying persons and even the cars are not allowed to be parked within the complex areas. We have a retuning guests ratio of 30 % to 40 % which is the proof that our guest are having a fantastic holiday in Bryastovets and they return year after year for the next portion of sun, leisure, action, silence and tasty organic fruits, vegetables and meals. All these things do not necessarily have to be in this order. Read more about: Leisure Holidays in Bulgaria

Wellness & Walking Holidays

Are you like so many other people in the modern world, tired of conventional holidays where you drink too much, eat too much, spend too much money and feel more stressed when you come home than before you left? How then does the idea of a vacation where you can go for long, energy giving walks in fresh air through beautiful scenery, eat nourishing homegrown foods fresh from the garden for half the price you would pay at home and indulge yourself in invigorating organic mud treatments for free appeal to you? Read more about: Wellness & Walking Holidays in Bulgaria

Bird watching holidays in Bulgaria

If you are interested in bird-watching, Bulgaria in general is a paradise and Bryastovets in particular is the perfect base from which to explore the many possibilities that the beguiling Black Sea coast has to offer. Only 20 km (ca. 12 miles) from the town of Burgas and its surrounding wetlands, you will be ornithologically speaking, in one of the most interesting parts of Europe. With its over 300 different species, including herons, storks, Ibis, buzzards, kestrels, cormorants, woodpeckers, nightingales, warblers and even pelicans, there is something here for just about all bird enthusiasts! Read more about: Bird watching Holidays in Bulgaria

Photographic Holidays

As a photographer you will be spoilt for choice of subjects in the area around Bryastovets. Just a 10 minute walk from the village and you will soon yourself in the beautiful, open countryside of the East Balkan foothills. Here you will find a variety of interesting subjects. Maybe the numerous birds flying past will put your zoom lens to the test, or perhaps a macro image of one of the abundant wild flowers is more to your fancy. Read more about: Photographic Holidays in Bulgaria


Places to visit

If you are coming to Bulgaria for the first time and you are not familiar with the area we hope our short guide tour will be helpful. To explore the beauty of Bulgaria and the Bourgas area in specific you will definitely need a car.
Let’s start with nearest places of interest to visit: Sunny Beach. Read more about: Where to go – places of interest in Bourgas area

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