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Bulgarian cuisine

The traditional Bulgarian cuisine is influenced partly by the culinary customs of the other Balkans nations and shares common features with the Greek, Turkish and the Serbian cuisines. The Bulgarian food is tasty and diverse. The geographical location of the country and its mild climate are perfect conditions for growing different vegetables, fruits, spices and herbs which are basic ingredients in the Bulgarian dishes. Read more about: Bulgarian cuisine

What Beer in Bulgaria?

Beer is one of the most popular drinks in Bulgaria. The history of beer dates back to the 19th century when foreign visitors introduced the beer in Bulgaria. Since then, the production and the consumption of beer in Bulgaria developed rapidly. Nowadays, Bulgaria takes the 25th place by beer consumption in the world, with around 60 liters per person per year. There are around 13 beer breweries in Bulgaria producing about 580 million liters of beer annually. Today, most of them are owned by foreign companies like Carlsberg, Heineken and StarBev. Read more about: What Beer in Bulgaria?

Best Beach in Bulgaria

The Bulgarian Black sea coast is 378 km long and consists of a great number of beaches – they vary from small, secluded beaches (some of them even narrow and rocky) to wide and crowded beaches with fine golden sands. Here we give a list with the major and best known beaches on the southern Black sea coast -this is the peace of the coast line from Sveti Vlas in the north to Sinemorets in the south. The total distance between Sveti Vlas and Sinemorets is about 130 km, and here are the beaches we would reccommend. Read more about: Best Beaches in Bulgaria

Short review of our villas

Once you have decided that you will be spending your summer holiday in Bulgaria you are faced with the question where exactly to book your holiday villa. While holiday rentals were quite uncommon in Bulgaria there are now many privately owned properties being offered for rent across the whole country.
Read more about: Short review of our villas


Cheap car hire Bulgaria

Hiring a car in Bulgaria enables you to visit stunning beaches, explore beautiful country side, go to local restaurants or bars, and drive along the beautiful coastlines of the Black sea to watch the sea and its panoramic views. Bulgarian car hire companies provide free services such as unlimited mileage and a road map of Bulgaria. Baby car seats, roof racks, car wash, 24 hours road service and airport delivery could be subject of charge. When you are in the process of obtaining a cheap Bulgaria car hire quotation, make sure the prices include comprehensive full insurance and taxes. Read more about: Cheap car hire in Bulgaria

Nightlife in Sunny Beach

Bulgaria’s cheapness is the reason why many tourists visit Bulgaria and Sunny Beach. Guess what? – Bulgaria is still one of the cheapest countries in Europe for going on a holiday. Sunny Beach offers enormous possibilities for entertainment and nightlife emotions. Discos, nightclubs and bars in the city center and along the beach can turn the summer nights into an endless fiesta. Some of the most famous and attractive places you can find listed here: Read more about: Nightlife in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

Bulgaria Tipping & Etiquette

Good service deserves a (good) tip. Tipping is welcome all over the world and so in Bulgaria. Rules for tipping vary from country to country but everywhere tipping is expected for restaurants and bars. The waiting staff in Bulgaria usually gets paid at the minimum wage because they make up the rest of their salary in tips. 10% is a good tip in a restaurant, good meal at a good restaurant with good service should be tipped more. Read more about: Bulgaria tipping & Etiquette

Some Bulgarian key phrases

There are many options to write a Bulgarian name in English (in Latin letters). The Bulgarian government has started a national program several years ago to uniform the writing of Bulgarian names in English – the so called ‘Transliteration’. This article will help you how to write a name correct in English and will give you some useful key phrases in Bulgarian, as well as the basics in the Bulgarian language and alphabet. Read more about: Some useful key phrases in Bulgarian

Cost of your holiday in Bulgaria

The strongest tourist attraction of Bulgaria – apart from its beautiful nature – is the cost of the holiday, which is affordable for almost everybody. People coming from Western Europe the prices will find that the majority of the costs for holidaymaking in Bulgaria – for accommodation, eating out, transport and services are significantly lower than those that they are used to. This fact makes Bulgaria with those looking for an affordable family holiday at reasonable cost. Why paying EUR 6 for a cocktail in Spain when you could have it in Bulgaria for only the half of it. Read more about: Cost of your holiday in Bulgaria

Play minigolf on holiday in Bryastovets

Our minigolf course is built of concrete lanes with soft felt carpet (artificial grass) and brick walls. The game is based on the basic putting skills only: force, direction, and break control. We are not using special golf balls on our course; in fact we are playing with one ball only, which have the purpose of equalizing the chances of all players. As we do not expect a lot of experienced players our obstacles and playing lines are not optimized for competition players of highest skill level. Read more about: Playing minigolf on holiday in Bryastovets

Seaside holiday complex in Bulgaria – 16 villas with pool

In Bulgaria more and more travelers are renting villas rather than staying in hotels. Why? Firstly, villas are more comfortable and functional (you have the option to cook a meal, for example). Secondly, you get to experience life as a local, and keep away from undesirable ‘tourist traps’. Thirdly, very often it’s a much cheaper option. Top of the list is the complete freedom in organizing your holiday, planning your own schedule and arranging your meals to suit you, whether it be at one of the excellent local restaurants or in a leisurely atmosphere on the patio, as the day slowly fades away in a magnificent sunset. Read more about: Countryside holiday complex in Bulgaria – 16 villas with pool

Basics on Getting There

EU citizens holding valid passports can enter Bulgaria without requiring a visa. Dual nationals of Bulgaria and any other country should enter and exit Bulgaria on their Bulgarian passports. It is always advisable to carry your Bulgarian travel document with you as well as that of your second nationality. All children entering Bulgaria will need to have their own passport. Children included in parents’ passports will only be allowed in if the passport also contains their photograph. Read more about: Basics of getting there

Cheap Flights to Bulgaria

There is no universal rule how to find a cheap flight to Bulgaria. The easiest way is to book over the internet or alternatively through a travel agency if you don’t have much time to spend searching for cheap flights to Bulgaria. If you book online months ahead your chance on finding a cheap flight ticket is bigger than relying on a last minute booking. We have experienced that last minute tickets are most expensive especially on the Low-Budget flights to Bourgas. Read more about: Cheap Flights

How to get to the villas by car

There are many advantages in arriving by your own car at our villas. In fact we have had guest arriving by car from all over Europe, i.e. Germany, Hungary, Switzerland, France, Poland. Having a car on your holiday will help you to get the most of your holiday at a reasonable cost and by the way you prefer. By driving your own car you can set your own schedule, stop when and where you like, take detours to interesting places en route, throw whatever personal belongings. Read more about: How to get to the villas by car

While on Holiday

It is of great importance for us the information which we represent below to catch your attention and we do hope you would decide to come to Bulgaria and to stay in our villas. Therefore we have prepared some additional description to cover all the aspects and possibilities we offer while staying in our villas. Reading this we would like to convince you that by choosing us you will have unforgettable memories and you have made the right choice. Read more about: While on Holiday

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