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Money in Bulgaria

The Bulgarian national currency unit is called LEV (LEVA in plural form) and has the international currency code BGN. The coin is called STOTINKA (STOTINKI in plural form). One Lev is worth 100 Stotinki. The banknotes in Bulgaria come in denominations of 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 Levs and the coins – in denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50. There is also a coin worth 1 Lev which was issued in 2002 to replace the 1 Lev banknote in the everyday usage. Read more about: Money in Bulgaria

Nightlife in Bourgas

Bourgas offers enormous possibilities for entertainment and nightlife emotions. Discos, nightclubs and bars in the city center of Bourgas and along the beach in Bourgas can turn the summer nights into an endless fiesta. Some of the most famous and attractive places in Bourgas you can find listed here: Read more about: Nightlife in Bourgas


Restaurants in Bourgas

There is a great variety of restaurants in Bourgas which can satisfy each taste: luxury restaurants with exquisite service and rich international and national cuisine, Chinese and Italian restaurants, modern bistros, cozy taverns offering traditional local dishes, fast food chains like McDonalds’ and KFC. Some of the most popular and attractive places are: Read more about: Restaurants in Bourgas


Supermarkets and Shopping in Bourgas

Bourgas offers plenty of shopping opportunities and places. Interesting shopping destinations are the two central pedestrian streets – "Alexandrovska" Str. and "Bogoridi" Str.
"ALEXANDROVSKA" STREET is starting from the Bourgas train station main entrance and runs from north to south. There is a great variety of smart clothes and shoe shops, silver and gold jewelry shops, many cafes and restaurants, overlooking the main street. Read more about: Bourgas Shoping Guide


Places to rent a villa in Bulgaria

There are many holiday resorts, small towns and cities along the Black sea coast in Bulgaria where you can rent a holiday villa. All of these places are perfect for spending a summer holiday with your family in Bulgaria. You will find at least one place that you will fall in love with and will come back to spend a holiday in Bulgaria. Here we prepared a list with all holiday places on the Black seas coast, hopefully this would help you to get an idea about the holiday options you would have on the Bulgarian Black sea coast. Read more about: Places to rent a villa in Bulgaria

Best time to rent a villa in Bulgaria

Weather in Bourgas, BulgariaWe would like to give you some advices on how to choose the best time for visiting us in order that you spend a wonderful holiday in our villas. Naturally this may be helpful if you have the possibility to make your own choice when and where you will be on a holiday and how to organize it in advance. Read more about: Best time to rent villa in Bulgaria

Preparing for holiday in Bulgaria

Planing a holiday in BulgariaPlanning a family holiday is a stressful experience, sometimes it feels like just one big headache. We have tried to put this guide together to help take some of the stress out of planning your next Bulgarian holiday, trying to make your holiday in Bulgaria easier in every way. The guide will help you with tips to help you plan your holiday and enjoy it to the full. When planning the holiday in Bulgaria you should try to get the whole family involved. This can really help to make the whole planning experience much more enjoyable, and make sure everyone’s happy with the choice of your holiday rental! If your children are old enough, it would be a great idea to get them involved in researching some possible activities and places to visit online. Read more about: Preparing for holiday in Bulgaria

Wine producers in Bulgaria

Wine producers in has prepared for you a small list with some of the best known wine producers in Bulgaria. While on a hliday in Bulgaria you will find their wines almost in evry larger supermaket. Svishtov Winery established in 1948 as part of the Wine&Spirits Monopoly. Privatised in 1997 through a MEBO. 2003 became part of Bulgaria’s only fully integrated wine producer. The Company produces high quality varietal wines from Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes, and since 2006 – Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Wines are traded on domestic and international markets.
Read more about: Wine producers in Bulgaria

Wine in Bulgaria

Wine in BulgariaBulgaria is one of the oldest wine makers in the world with traditions in both the grape growing and wine making. There are evidence for wine making in the land of Bulgaria from the Stone age: Thracians, Romans, Greeks, Slavs and Bulgarians used to know the excellent alcoholic product made of grape. As a fact Bulgaria ranked fourth in the world wine production in the late 1970s. Grapes are thrived in all parts of Bulgaria. For administrative reasons the vineyards have been grouped into five regions. Rad more about: Wine in Bulgaria

Restaurants in Sunny Beach

The prices of meals in the Sunny Beach restaurants may vary from very cheap to some very expensice.
There is something for every one and every budget. While cheap meal doesn’t mean a bad restaurant so isn’t an expensive meal a good one. On this page we have collected a small selection of restaurants in Sunny Beach, we recommend giving a try to the first two restaurants on the list and we guarantee you will not want to go somewhere else for a meal in Sunny Beach: Read more about: Restaurants in Sunny Beach

Car Hire Bulgaria – cheap and reliable

To get the most of your holiday we highly recommend to hire a car while on your holiday in Bulgaria.
We have gathered reviews about some of the most reliable and reputable Rent-a-Car companies in the country that can offer you the best prices and services. Here are some of the reviews: Read more about: Car Hire Bulgaria – cheap and reliable


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